Triple New Year 3 in 1(C2,HTML5).Game.


➤Take the opportunity to be a little bit untroubled, with this game you can play 3 different types of games in just one game ...

➤You can choose to play in just one game to get the highest score, or play randomly for any of the 3 games :)

3 GAMES IN 1 !!!
1º- Flying game, take care of obstacles, collect gifts on the way ...
2nd - Racing game, be careful not to fall off the platform ...
3rd - Game of climbing the rope, taking care of obstacles on the way ...

➤Done with construct2 + construct3.
➤Working across HTML5 browsers.
➤Playable in all browsers.
➤3 Games.
➤ Easy to edit.
➤ Full Resolution.
➤ You do not need programming knowledge to edit.
➤Files included as (.capx, c3p, .html, .png, .m4a, .ogg).
➤ Commented code.
➤ Included documentation (index.html).
➤24-hour support.

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